You have a story that needs telling.

A focus that needs fine-tuning.

And you’re looking for someone who can find the best way to tell your story.

You need someone who can help you communicate — through visuals, words, and strategic communications.

I can help you do all of that.

I’m Marianne: I am a life-long storyteller and creative communicator. 

I bring with me an extensive photojournalistic and editorial background. I can see the whole story: from the big picture, all the way to the small details. With over twenty years capturing and telling stories that matter (and picking up a couple of awards along the way), I have the diverse experience and skills to take your photos, write your stories, and help you communicate them with creativity and integrity.

I am a photographer.

You will get the experience of a someone who has been a staff photographer at a major daily Canadian newspaper (the Calgary Herald) and who has also run her own editorial and commercial photography business.

My photos have appeared in every major newspaper in Canada, and some of the biggest print magazines too. My editorial and corporate clients depend on me to find creative ways to tell stories.

The many years spent in a newsroom also encouraged my love of coffee — two creams, one sugar, nothing fancy — and em dashes.

I am a writer.

My articles consistently run in the pages of Canada’s History, the country’s second oldest magazine.

And I am a Strategic Communicator.

My communications work helped to get media coverage across the country for the 2019 Governor General’s History Awards.

Photos. Words. Strategic Vision.

You are looking for someone to help you focus on what really matters, find the important details, and fine tune your vision. I understand what makes a good story. Let me show you how I can help.